Hello adventure time…

Gone are the days of 12 hour shifts and hiding my frustration behind a smile. The days of wandering aimlessly and exploring South East Asia with no more than a rucksack are only just beginning. I no longer wake to the sound of an alarm demanding my foggy brain to rise out of it’s too short slumber. In western society we are constantly rushing, constantly creating to do lists in our heads, constantly stuck in a rat race of competition with those surrounding us at work, creating an unhealthy work to life balance. This norm created in western society is followed blindly by the majority of people. We must question these norms which we have been flung in to – why are they in place? What purpose do they serve?

It is difficult to disentangle our own conscious thoughts and ideals from those which are advertised through the media, regarded as said norm. But it is important to do so in order to figure out your own individual agenda, rather than simply obeying a collective one. I refuse to be a part of this rat race – it has little to no appeal for me – I have no wish to sacrifice the chance to explore the world in order to settle into a routine which, once within its grasps, is extremely difficult to disentangle yourself from.

Thus, I choose to wander in flip flops from day to day, to take the opportunity to experience these different cultures and meet people who view the world in a completely different way. I can only hope this blog is able to communicate the beautiful nature of these countries. Although I can never hope to fully understand these cultures, as sadly my position as a westerner, and thus an outsider is cemented through historical means, I can adopt certain aspects of the cultures into my own life. For the next four months I will turn away from the rat race, and say hello to a whole load of hammock hanging, eating dinner on the floor and to exploring the beauty that this awesome world has to offer.



Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Howard Thurman

Be weird. Be wonderful.:)


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